The asphalt emulsion production unit was founded in 1995 in the Industrial Area of Florina. The unit functions in a privately owned 5.000 m^2 space that has the potential to store 6.000 tons of asphalt (petroleum products) and 500 tons of emulsion. It has the potential of producing a wide range of emulsions that covers all the needs of the market and are compatible with the international specifications ASTM, B5, DIN and the demands of the Ministry of Environment, Zoning and Public Works.

   The MPETOKAT S.A. asphalt emulsion production unit has a maximum potentiality of 2,12 tn / h and produces mainly for the needs of the company in the execution of road construction works, releasing only small quantities to the market.


Types of acidic asphalt emulsions:

   - KE-1:  asphalt emulsion of fast resolution,   

   - KE-5: asphalt emulsion of medium rate resolution,  

   - MPITOUKOM- insulating asphalt emulsion.


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