Ready cold asphalt mix, for instant road repairs, made from a special blend of asphalt adhesive polymers and selected aggregates. Instant, reliable, easy solution to recover the damages on the pavement.


Restoration of damaged  asphalt or concrete roadways healing pits, cuts, cracks, at national and provincial roads, airports, bridges, parking lots, yards factories, schools, hospitals etc.

Unaffected by high temperatures (60C) or cold (-40C), snow, frost, rain, during or after construction.

  • Long life in conditions of heavy traffic, at least 6 years.  • Excellent bonding to the underlying surface.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • Easy healing of  holes of pavement done by  sampling.
  • Ρequires no mixing or heating.
  • Cost and labour effective - only one visit required.
  • Strength in accordance with the national road code loads.
  • Ιmmediate return to the circulation of the repaired section.
  • Environmentally friendly.


1. The surface is cleaned of loose unconnected materials, stagnant water, grease, oil, plant materials, etc. (Figure 1)

2. Fill the surface to be repaired BITOUKOM, making sure to give a slight overshoot of about 20%. (Figure 2)

3. push the surface , which we covered  with BITOUKOM,  with a roller or e a frog  or even with wheels of a vehicle. (Figure 3)

4. Recommended application with  asphalt emulsion in shallow holes 1-3 cm, and the powder coating of cement repairs made to concrete pavement. (Figure 4)

5. No special conditions for the maintenance of the product.

The amount of this package einai18 liters. No special conditions for the maintenance of.       



  • Protect yourself by using the appropriate signs to avoid accidents.
  • Keep product away from children.
  • Keep away from ignition sources.


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