The finished concrete production unit of MPETOKAT S.A. was founded and functions since 1993 in the Industrial Area of Florina. Nowadays, the unit has up-to-the –minute equipment for the production of finished concrete, completely in accordance with the new rules and the assigned specifications.

   The unit has maximum potentiality of 60 m^3/h and its share of the local market comes up to 30%. The high and guaranteed quality of concrete is basically due to the high quality of the inert matter which is produced and use by the company itself.

   The many year experience of the company, its organisation and the modernisation of the production machines, render it capable of meeting the constantly developing needs of the market for new types of products and to offer to its clients excellent services and quality products.


  • Filippou 4 Ptolemaïda, Greece
  • +30 24630 54321-4