Company historically originated through various legal change change forms and transformation, from personal business Mr. Vasilis Grigoriadis, who in 1955 engaged in manufacturing of Construction and with all kinds of construction works. In 1970 he takes over the function of the Community quarry Ardassas of Kozani. From then until today the company has taken various legal forms with leading MPETOKAT S.A.. Shareholders of the company are the sons of Mr. Grigoriadis, Mr. Isaac Grigoriadis and Grigoriadis Nikolaos. The company, over the years, has broadened its horizons and has become the basis of modern data and requirements of the construction sector. So in addition to new production methods and execution, the company continuously invests in equipment.

The company has shown rapid progress and growth. Some of the main competitive advantages are: 1. Vertical production activity, 2. Production of many and necessary raw materials in the construction and especially the road 3. Synchronous equipment.

Today the company operates in the following areas: 

  • Extraction of aggregates. 
  • Production and trading of concrete.
  • Production and sales of asphalt emulsions. 
  • Production and sales of asphalt. 
  • Construction of public works and private construction projects, with particular emphasis on asphalt. 
  • Oil trading.

It is registered in the MEEP with 4th class in works Roads, Building and Plumbing, 1th class in Industrial - Energy, 2th clas in Electrical and 1th class in Port. In the field of production of ready mixed concrete and asphalt products, MPEETOKAT S.A. it is one of the largest companies in Western Macedonia and is able to respond to each project (construction or road) both because of the specialized stuff and the autonomy area of materials.

The shareholders are the sons of the Kingdom Grigoriadis Isaac Grigoriadis (50%) and Nikolaos Grigoriadis (50%). The paid up share capital currently amounts to € 2.770.053,00 and distributed in 94.380 shares of € 29.35 each. The company's management under Gov. 29/12/2005 exerted by five-member Board of Directors: - Isaac Grigoriadis (President & D / CEO) - Nikolaos Grigoriadis (Vice) - Kon / nos Konidaris (Member) - Margarita Karaiskou (Member) - Vasilios Grigoriadis (Member).

The company is represented and bound Isaac Grigoriadis (President & D / CEO), Grigoriadis Nikolaos (Vice President) and the non-member of the Board Stavros Tarasidis individually. The company is based in Ptolemaida of Kozani 260 sq.m. office (Property of the two shareholders Grigoriadis & Isaac Grigoriadis Nikolaos) having two parallel branches: In Ardassa-Eordaias a plot of 30,000 sq.m. which will include workshop spaces, offices, warehouses, two asphalt mills, ready mix concrete crusher for production of mine products (filed attachments lease contracts thereof). In Industrial Area Florina in private plots 9964 sqm and 3,940 sqm (filed attachments membership acquisition contracts 9659 & 11519), which will include workshop spaces, offices, 263 m², warehouses and a ready mixed concrete production complex and 5.032 sq. m. for the production of bituminous products - emulsions (filed attachments acquisition contract number 11737).


  • Filippou 4 Ptolemaïda, Greece
  • +30 24630 54321-4